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What is The Meaning of Free Will in Life Essay - 1571 Words

Free will is the idea in which individuals can have the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate, and this idea of free will served as a prevalent theme in Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five. Vonnegut illustrates the absurdity of no free will in Pilgrim’s world through the book’s nonlinear structure and unorganized plot. The novel is constructed as a series of inconsistent flashbacks and future incidents through the eyes of the protagonist, Billy Pilgrim. Billy Pilgrim is able to time-travel to the past and future, but without any control over his peculiar ability. He can constantly travels through any moment in time without controlling it. Instead of free will existing, the notion of predestination and fate controlled†¦show more content†¦Vonnegut states, â€Å"Billy has gone to sleep a senile widower and awakened on his wedding day. He has walked through a door in 1955, and come out another one in 1941. He has gone back through tha t door to find himself in 1963. He has seen his birth and death many times, he says, and pays random visits to all the events in between† (23). Pilgrim is able to visit and revisit different periods of time constantly without any influence or choice of his doing in the matter. Because Pilgrim is able to see into the past and future, he cultivates unsympathetic feelings and is indifferent, which shows that Pilgrim loses a sense of value of himself. He lacks passion in his life as he does not truly appreciate everything and everyone he has. Having no free will would persuade individuals to hold no motivation or determination in their lives because it would not matter in a fate-controlled world. Moreover, predestination and fate would take the place of free will if it did not exist in the world. Believing that one’s life is already decided for and planned entirely would defeat the purpose of life as people would not be able to experience life due to the choices they make a nd want. Knowing that an individual is destined to follow a particular path in life without any chance to avoid or change it will change the person’s outlook on life. In the novel, Pilgrim married Valencia Merble even though he didn’t love her and thought she was â€Å"as big as aShow MoreRelatedIs Happiness the Purpose of Life?1317 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"We’re not happy and we can’t be happy; we only want happiness.† So, what’s the purpose of life? Is it to be happy? Everyone has that desire, to have happiness. We even base our decision we by how it will affect our happiness. In our life we experience happiness and unhappiness, but we are oblivious as to what happiness is. What comes to mind when thinking of happiness? Is it pleasure, the thought of the good life, prosperity, or is it something else? We won’t be able to have a response to that questionRead MoreExistentialism is largely summed up in the quote â€Å"existence pr ecedes essence.† Life is devoid of1000 Words   |  4 Pagesin the quote â€Å"existence precedes essence.† Life is devoid of inherent meaning aside from the human existence. Put simply, you are put on earth without any idea of what the meaning of your life is, it is up to you to create meaning for your life and each individual may find a different meaning. What are the main arguments against existentialism? Why does the preservation of life matter to us in a world devoid of meaning? In this essay I will summarize what existentialism is and attempt to provide anRead MoreFrankl and Searle: Analysis of the Difficulties of Life871 Words   |  4 Pagesthe Difficulties of Life The meaning of life has been debated by some of the most illustrious minds of the twentieth century. In fact, this particular, complex concept has always been a topic of discussion, as long as man has walked the earth. The dictionary states the life is the act or process, or a manner of growing; development; gradual increase, but in reality, life is much more than this simple definition. The following paragraphs will discuss the complexities of life from two standpoints:Read MoreExistentialism in Literature and Science846 Words   |  3 PagesExistentialism is the philosophical approach or theory that emphasizes an individual’s existence as a free and responsible being determining his own development through acts of the will (â€Å"Existentialism†). What does that mean exactly? To make it easier to understand, that means humans as people are shaping their own destinies with every choice they make. That seems quite obvious, but to further understand the meaning of e xistentialism, it must be analyzed through the impacts it has had on both literature andRead MoreExistential Therapy: Death, Freedom Self-Awareness Essay1049 Words   |  5 PagesExistential Therapy: Death, Freedom Self-Awareness Some people rely on others to validate who they are, and to give them meaning. However, they must realize that they are alone in this world and they must find meaning from within themselves and not from others. Nevertheless, for many people being alone causes anxiety in which people feel that their life has no meaning. A person can become aware of who they are but not accept who they are while being alone. Existential therapy helps people toRead MoreEssay on Existential Philosphy1710 Words   |  7 PagesNihilism originated somewhere around the mid-1800s, it was a shift from the social philosophy around that time which viewed life with purpose and meaning which was found usually though God, or some religious doctrine, however Nihilism is the philosophy that dictates the meaninglessness in life; it leaves an empty and void existence. Nihilism is usually associated with German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche is often although not a Nihilist himself Nietzsche wrote a considerable amo unt concerning NihilismRead MoreEssay On Mans Search For Meaning1561 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"The truth will set you free†. According to this, knowing the truth will free one from the â€Å"prison† of falsehood, and yet the truth is often accompanied by some form of suffering. Knowing the truth will free someone from the lie they are living, but it may not be a life they wish to be freed from. In difficult situations, people often rely on illusion and live in denial as a way to survive, due to the truth being too difficult to accept. In order to find meaning in one’s life while suffering or experiencingRead MoreBusi 5601416 Words   |  6 PagesBusiness 560 Worldview Questions . To what extent should personal religious beliefs impact our decisions about business ethics? My personal view on how much impact should my believes influence my business, or whatever decision I make is that it should be fully Involved. My decisions that I make should constantly reflect in what I claim to believe in.   To what extent do your personal religious (or non-religious) beliefs about life impact your sense of business ethics and personalRead MoreRosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead649 Words   |  3 Pagescount on that, what can you count on? †(39). Fate is pre-determinant no matter how lucky people are or how much free will they have. The play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, by Tom Stoppard, proves this point just by the title. They both are dead. However, the most fascinating and engrossing things that happen in life are those choices and adventures people take. Therefore, the answer to the question is that people can count on their experiences in life and their emotions for life because thoseRead MoreResposibilities of a Christian/Catholic in a Free Society861 Words   |  4 PagesRESPONSIBILITIES OF A CHRISTIAN/CATHOLIC IN A FREE SOCIETY Living as a Catholic in a free society is a great responsibility, one that is shared by all Catholics. Our actions need to match our principles, our values, and our ethics to be true to our Catholic ideals. It is our duty and responsibility to do all that we can to follow the Catholic teachings in order for us to be a positive Catholic influence on ourselves and others. We must make our decisions based on Catholic principles and not

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Modern Technology a Friend or a Foe - 1572 Words

Modern Technology: A friend or a foe? Paolo A. Pantaleon 2-7 â€Å"Were changing the world with technology† (Gates). In this modern world, many people can’t survive without the aid of modern technology. Do you remember when people used to send messages through the use of the â€Å"pony express†? Or when people used to get up from their couch to change the channel of the television? I can’t imagine how people could live without modern technologies such as cell phones, internet, and many more. Technology today has made life easier and quicker but dangerous. As we look at technologies, questions are raised. By the way what are technologies? Modern technology is machinery that makes life easier. For example, microwave ovens cook food easily†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"Technology is destructive only in the hands of people who do not realize that they are one and the same process as the universe† (Watts). First is the development of weapons for mass destruction. Weaponry is one of the inseparable issues of the new technologies. Hence the main problem is the prope r use of this knowledge. Nevertheless, weapon engineering propels and provides a huge advance. They seem to never get contented to present weapons. They keep researching and researching to develop a more powerful weapon bent to destroy each other. Also, the industry despite highly developed machinery pollutes the globe. This contributes largely to global warming. High CO2 emissions from factories, cars and others source of gases that heat up our world. Not just harmful gases, but also waste products from factories, power plants and more add pollution to our waters. As technology grows, the waste increases. Many lands that should be places where people build homes turned into landfills that give of horrible gases to our atmosphere. In addition, the plastic we developed is one of the leading causes that blocks our drainage systems that results to flooding. A further disadvantage is when medical science rose, as do other deadly viruses. These viruses developed when scientist and medical professionals find ways to cure other viruses. Technology also creates financial problems in families because most technologies are very expensive to buy like the computers,Show MoreRelatedGm Food Pros and Cons1022 Words   |  5 Pagescontinued at Davos in such panels as 21st Century Food Fights and Should We Be Frightened By Food? - but it won t end there, not by a long shot. The GM food debate is increasingly dividing public opinion - and countries. The potential of the new technology seems promising, but it s hard to know at what, if any, risk. The debate over genetically modified (GM) organisms could look like an excuse for yet another trade battle between the US and Europe, joining the ranks of bananas and beef. The debateRead MoreTechnologies: a Friend or a Foe? - Argumentative Essay871 Words   |  4 PagesOctober 2012 2012106211 / A1A Argumentative Essay Technologies: A Friend or A Foe? Our world is constantly becoming modernized through technologies. It is use by people to improve the way they live for their everyday living. It changed other aspects of our everyday life such as work and leisure time activities. Through technologies, it helps us in changing our lives and shaping our future rapidly. Technology is important to us but at the same time it is risky and harmful whenRead MoreEssay On Growing Membership1338 Words   |  6 Pagesbelieve the same concept holds true to the Eagles as they are threatened to lose the backbone of their membership. To me, the Fraternity serves as a throwback of prior generations of strong Unions and dedicated workers. As with Delongs (2004) discovery, FOE depends on retention strategy to retain its boomer membership. A major issue with losing membership results in loss of the many charity funded medical programs The Eagles support. These aforementioned programs affect more than just baby boomers. WithRead MoreExternal Macro Envir onment1645 Words   |  7 Pagesand well-being 3 2.1.3 Cultural beliefs in a country 4 2.2 Technology 4 2.2.1 Advantages of technology 4 2.2.2 Disadvantages of technology 5 2.3 Demography 5 3. Conclusion 6 4. References Lists 7 1. Introduction This report is discussing about how three major forces of macro environment affecting an organisation’s marketing program. The three major forces discussed are social and cultural forces, technology, and demography. 2. External macro-environment Read MoreTechnology Friend Or Foe?1280 Words   |  6 PagesDecember 2, 2014 Technology—Friend or Foe? Over time, technology has evolved in ways that people living 50 years ago would have never imagined in their wildest dreams. There have been countless technological advancements that have changed peoples’ lives and the way that society functions. It is difficult to even picture a world without technology. Many of us have our entire lives saved on our phone or computer. Our lives have become so dependent on it that the use of such technology comes naturallyRead MoreTechnology Friend or Foe2164 Words   |  9 Pages TECHNOLOGY - FRIEND OR FOE? Until recently, I had always accepted technology as a wonderful friend, but after doing some in depth reading and research on the topic I found that technology also has its draw -backs. Through research I found that technology has been nothing more than a journey of trial and error. In my research I discovered what I choose to call the dark side of technology. Everyday household conveniences, transportation, and modern medicine are all products of technology thatRead MoreLife Without Cell Phone1399 Words   |  6 PagesLIFE WITHOUT CELL PHONES Introduction We have become a society that is totally dependant on communication devices to make our world go round. We have technology today that allows us to keep in almost constant contact with one another. We communicate through cell phones that use a network of specialized base stations called cell sites, but many people now are using cell and mobile phones that use a satellite signal for their connection. The phone, TV, personal computer and Internet haveRead MoreU.s. Senate Armed Services Committee1399 Words   |  6 Pageson the enemy or distinguish between an enemy and a citizen, and not have a risk of unnecessary carnage. Today’s modern warfare is high-paced, mobile, and technologically advanced. It has been stated that â€Å"today’s sophisticated weapons can malfunction, be too lethal, and their speed and effective range reduces reaction time and decreases the ability to distinguish between friend and foe† (Ayers 3). In context, it can allude to effects of artific ial intelligence. Combining risky weapons with artificialRead MoreThe Inaugural Speech By John Fitzgerald Kennedy Essay1344 Words   |  6 Pagesbear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty.† These lines from his address show that he was very emotional about presenting the whole free world with a responsibility to spread justice and to fight against evil. In the following parts of his speech he used the repetition of the phrase with strong emotion â€Å"we pledge to†¦Ã¢â‚¬ . For example, â€Å"we pledge the loyalty of faithful friends†, â€Å"we pledge our word that one form of colonialRead MoreDoes Outsourcing Data Uphold The Enterprise?1469 Words   |  6 Pagesand many attacks focused on stealing information. One factor that ultimately leads to the decision to outsource is the fact that a business might be better off keeping their valuable information in a safer environment. Modern database solution providers can offer the latest technology at competitive prices. They are also held to and governed by a higher standard than most businesses they offer services to. Industry standardization and privacy laws can ensure a provider is trustworthy, along with accreditation

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Question: Students need to research and identify 2 to 3 companies from the following 2 or 3 industries to apply AAA framework: Car Industry Beer Industry Steel industry Processed food/Small goods Computer Hardware (can be Lenovo/Motorola in China as per subject outline) Computer Software Pharmaceutical Industry Health Care and medical services Airline Each member needs to bring two journal articles on the company/industry and explain how this company has been pursuing some or all the elements of this AAA framework. Has this company been successful or not successful in pursuing their business by using this framework? In conclusion Your comments ! Every member needs to submit 2 articles each with their assignment (hard copy) Assessment criteria have been given in the subject outline. References Harvard style Note: There are 5 people in this group and need 2 articles each in 250 words each on the company/industry and explain how the company has been pursuing some or all the elements of this AAA framework. Answer: 1. Introduction to AAA Framework: When it comes to worldwide procedure, most business pioneers and scholastics make two suppositions: first and foremost, that the focal test is to strike the privilege adjust between economies of scale and responsiveness to nearby conditions, and second, that the more attention organizations put on scale economies in their overall operations, the more global their methods will be. The AAA Framework is an acronym for Adaption Aggregation Arbitrage. Adaption may refer to getting in sync with a foreign countrys culture and legislations. Aggregation refers to a companys decision to differentiate different markets, for example, a UK based company wants to exploit the huge market in a Developing economy such as China will concentrate more in China and less focus on a Developed economy like USA, or even its home country UK. Arbitrage is somewhat the opposite of Adaption, it refers to exploiting foreign markets rather than adapting to it. For example, a lot of US based companies outsource a lot of activities to low cost destinations such as India. Let us compare some Multi-national corporations from various industries who have employed the AAA Framework. 2. Aggregation in Healthcare: Outsourcing Radiology services to India by US: Owing to cheaper costs (as less as 1/8th) a lot of radiology services are outsourced to India by the US. This has been made possible due to the advent of technology and an increase in the labour force in India who are skilled and qualified to perform such services. The process of this outsourcing is not done due to cost cutting alone; the quality of the workforce operating in India, when it comes to radiology is extremely efficient and effective. It adds to the quality. Moreover, due to the time difference, these services are ready in the US by the following morning. 3. Adaption by Coco-Cola in Spain: Coco-Cola withdrew its two litre bottles from Spain after realizing that most Spaniards did not own refrigerators that had compartments big enough to store the two litre variety. This is an excellent example in adaptability by a huge MNC like Coco-Cola. They quickly realized that the two litre bottles would not sell as much as in Spain as in other countries. Two litre bottles generally are not consumed immediately. It is stored for continuous usage. Refrigerators are the machines that store these bottles. Hence Coco-Cola showed an example of adaptability in this case. 4. Flat packaging by IKEA: Another example in adaptation used by a company to successfully innovate and enter new markets would be the Flat packaging techniques employed by IKEA. The Flat packaging has helped IKEA reduce on transportation costs, and hence it has been able to expand to newer markets because of this advantage. 5. Philips adapting to the smaller Japanese Kitchens: Like Coco-Cola, Philips too showed immense adaptability when it reduced the size of its coffee makers to suit the smaller Japanese kitchens. The size of kitchens in Japan is considerably smaller than most other parts of the world. Philips had a coffee maker that was too big for most Japanese homes. In order to fully tap the potential in the Japanese market, Philips innovated and reduced the size of its coffee machines to suit and gel into the small kitchens in Japan. 6. Starbucks closing in Israel: Starbucks being forced to withdraw its operations in Israel can be cited as an example of Aggregation by the company. A huge multinational corporation, Starbucks had to exit Israel due to lack of proper planning. However, the exit itself can be seen as an example of Aggregation. Starbucks closed operations in Israel due to a mismatch of corporate cultures with its Joint Venture Partner Delek Israel Fuel Company (DIFC) in Israel. 7. Tata Nano and its policy of aggregation: Tata Nano, owned and manufactured by Tata Motors is an economy four wheeler, costing around $20,000. The directors at the company realized that the car would not be marketed in developed countries such as USA or in the European Union, and thus have decided to sell the cars in only emerging markets such as Sri Lanka India etc. This could be cited as an example of reverse innovation in a globalized economy, however it has aggregation attributes to it. 8. Cognizants AA Strategy: Cognizant, started with its operations in India, but soon expanded to USA. Their change in markets is not a routine one. They have successfully implemented a dual model in either country. Each model is specific to either country (one for India, one for USA). Cognizant is an example of Adaptation as well as Arbitrage. While it may be uncommon for a company to practise both, as they are contradictory in nature, Cognizant has managed to achieve this feat. While they hire more non Indians than Indians in their organization, the employees are sent to India for cultural assimilation. Moreover, all proposals are jointly carried out in India as well as USA. 9. Shift from Adaption to Aggregation for Philips Medical Systems: While Philips Medical systems (PMS) mainly concentrated on adapting techniques in its local countries, its highly efficient competitors from Japan were concentrating on Aggregation, which was making PMS lose out on a great deal of market share. However, soom PMS realized that adaption wasnt the solution for them and joined the strategy of aggregation. 10. IBM follows into the Aggregation model: A similar problem was sighted with IBM, as in the case of PMS (above). With its high adapting country centric management, IBM was losing out on achieving economies of scale. However, it too shifted to aggregating policies, by focussing on regions rather than being country specific. 11. Lufthansa adapts to local cuisines: After major problems and complaints with its on board meals, Lufthansa finally decided to serve country specific meals, especially in the countries of its operation. This shows an adaptive technique by the German Airline. 12. Conclusions: For a large portion of the previous 25 years, the talk of globalization has been focused on business sectors. Just as of late has the spotlight turned to generation, as firms have ended up mindful of the arbitrage opportunities accessible through off shoring. This wonder seems to have outpaced key considering it. Numerous scholastic compositions stay concentrated on the globalization (or non globalization) of business sectors. Furthermore just a modest division of the numerous organizations that participate in off shoring seem to contemplate it deliberately: Only 1% of the respondents to a late review led by Arie Lewin at Duke University say that their organization has a corporate wide methodology in this respect. The AAA system gives a premise to considering worldwide methodologies that envelops every one of the three compelling reactions to the substantial contrasts that emerge at national fringes. Clearer considering the full scope of technique choices ought to expand the apparent open doors, hone key decisions, and upgrade worldwide execution. References: Ghemawat, P. (2007) Differences: The Central Challenge of Global Strategy, March, [Online], Available: [15 January 2015]. Govindarajan Ramamurti (2011) 'REVERSE INNOVATION, EMERGING MARKETS,AND GLOBAL STRATEGY', Global Strategy Journal, pp. 191-205. Gustaffson et al (n.d) 'An IKEA Case Study', Lund University. Kalnins Stroock (2011) 'Pouring Israel into a Starbucks Cup', Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. Kotler, P. (1986) 'Global Standardization - Courting Danger.', The Journal of Consumer Marketing, vol. 3, no. 2. Levy Hu (2006) 'Offshoring Radiology Services to India', Massachusets Institute of Technology Working Paper, September. Lufthansa (2015) Food and beverages, [Online], Available: [15 January 2015].

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Teddy Roosevelt Essays - Ballot Measures, Direct Democracy

Teddy Roosevelt The progressive believed that by applying a more uncorrupt form of democracy they could in fact fix the already corrupt democracy especially at the state and city levels. The progressives believed that if given a chance the majority of voters would elect honest respectable officials unlike those elected by the corrupt political machine but to do this they needed people to vote. So they compiled numerous methods for increasing the participation of the average citizen in political decisions. The secret ballot box, by using the method adopted by the Australians the voter would not be manipulated by the political party that would affect a voters decision by standing next to a ballot box and intimidating him or her. This method was first accepted by Massachusetts in 1888 and proved to be really popular by 1910 all voting states adopted this method. The progressive governor of Wisconsin Robert La Follete introduced the method of direct primaries in which the majority vote would elect the p arty candidates for the state and federal offices. This method was used to try to minimize the power of political bosses to try to keep the corrupt officials from gaining office once again. The direct election of state senators was also a plus for the progressives for many years the senators had been selected by the vote of the state legislature. The corrupt state legislature would then of course vote for the corrupt official for senate. After a while the senate begun to look like a club for the rich man. In 1913 the seventeenth amendment required all that all U.S senators be elected by the popular vote. By calling for Initiative, referendum, and recall the Progressives allowed by initiative to take part in the process of having a legislature pass a bill, to allow voters to vote on proposed laws on their ballots by way of referendum, and finally recall which allowed voters to remove an unsatisfactory politician from office by majority vote before the end of his or her term. Such peo ple as New Yorks Charles Evans Hughes, Californias Hiram Johnson, and Wisconsins Robert La Follete put the initiative, referendum, and recall to use so that they could win back their government for the people from the big businesses, and corrupt bosses. With the new reforms the political machine was left out to rust and Progressives cured democracy by using or making more of it. Political Issues

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Healthcare Benchmarking and Quality Improvement Essays

Healthcare Benchmarking and Quality Improvement Essays Healthcare Benchmarking and Quality Improvement Paper Healthcare Benchmarking and Quality Improvement Paper Benchmarks are relevant to all health and social care settings. Therefore, the benchmarks are presented in a generic format in order that they can be used in, for example, primary, secondary and tertiary settings and with all patient and or career groups, such as in pediatric care, mental health, cancer care, surgery and medicine. It is important that those benchmarking (including patients and careers) agree on the indicators that demonstrate best practice within their area of care (UK-Department of Health). Benchmarking can be utilized in the following ways: Staff Performance: Benchmarking is often used as a method to determine performance   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  standards for office functions. Examples may be as basic as the number of calls answered, appointments made and medical records pulled. This process provides a true measure of staff productivity capabilities. Physician Performance: This benchmarking process only works if the physician being reviewed is truly interested in becoming more efficient. The basic premise is to examine what aspects of the physicians daily schedule is productive, (Time actually spent with patients) and non-productive, (time spent not rendering services to patients). The objective is to reduce non-productive time and leverage the physician’s impact. 3. Statistical Performance: This benchmarking process evaluates the practice’s statistical performance to best practice standards. Statistical comparisons include some of the following: charges, adjustments, revenues, expenses, gross/net collection percentages, and account receivable days. Performance measurement might seem strange to some organizations, but the concept of measuring and monitoring performance is not new to healthcare facilities. Requirements for public overview of healthcare facilities demand that performance data be collected, analyzed, and monitored for reimbursement, Federal and state record keeping, and accreditation purposes. As a result, most healthcare facilities already track key productivity indicators. And as state and Federal regulations require the reporting of more data, healthcare facilities will be in an even better position to assess their performance and share comparative information about performance and operations with other facilities for mutual benefit. Indeed, the greatest value to be gained from all of the performance data that healthcare facilities are gathering may well emerg from the process of comparing that data. Healthcare facilities often are quite similar in the complexity of their organizational structures, operational and clinical services, and corporate missions. That similarity will benefit healthcare facilities as they begin benchmarking efforts.     Business survival is increasingly difficult in the contemporary world. In order to survive, organizations need a commitment to excellence and a means of measuring that commitment and its results. Benchmarking provides one method for doing this. As the author describes, benchmarking is a performance improvement method that has been used for centuries. Recently, it has begun to be used in the healthcare industry where it has the potential to improve significantly the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and quality of healthcare services.   In the contemporary world, business survival is defined as long-term economic viability achieved through excellent performance. To maintain the excellence needed for survival, however, businesss enterprises must find a way of consistently measuring and improving their performance.   Productive ideas and methods are not limited to a single industry. Cross-industry benchmarking also can offer excellent opportunities for borrowin good ideas and processes. But finding suitable partners with applicable ideas from other industries can be time consuming and costly. For example, calling a fire department to discuss the process of bringing both equipment and manpower to an emergency site can generate a number of exciting ideas, but finding the best performing fire department would take long hours of research. Because benchmarking is an ongoing effort, working first within the healthcare industry for short- and medium-term solutions will help position a facility for later cross-industry initiatives (Anderson-Miles, 1994).

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Cargills Quality

It is a public listed subsidiary company under Cargills Quality foods which is fully owned subsidiary of Cargills PLC since 2010. Kotmale is a leading brand in the dairy sector in Sri Lanka. Under the â€Å"Kotmale† brand milk packets, chees, curd, yogurt and milk powder are produced. Kotmale Holdings PLC is named as Cargills Quality Dairies (Pvt) Ltd since 2010. In this report, Cargills Food City Retail Supply Chain is discussed by considering the product brand Kotmale Milk Packets. ? Retail Supply chain Above figure shows the retail supply chain of Cargills Food City regarding product â€Å"Kotmale UHT milk packets†. Stakeholders of this retail supply chain Milk Farmers who live in Upper country Sri Lanka Flavors suppliers Packaging supplier – Tetra Pak, Colombo Cargills Quality Dairies(Pvt)Ltd Cargills warehouse Cargills Food City Marketing and distribution operator – Millers Customers Final Consumer Milk Farmers When consider about this retail supply chain, milk farmers are the 2ndtier supplier. Mostly Cargills buy fresh milks from upper country milk farmers. This retail supply chain has about 15000 small scale milk farmers. For the better link with these milk farmers, Cargills has introduced HNB farmer insurance schemes free of charge. Cargills directly connect with these suppliers without having intermediaries. It is an advantage of this retail supply chain. Tetra Pak Another 1sttier supplier is Tetra Pak branch which is situated in Colombo. Tetra Pak is a multinational food packaging company. Cargills Quality Dairies The second tier supplier of the retail supply chain is Cargills Quality Dairies (Pvt) Ltd. It is the manufacturing and processing plant of Kotmale UHT milk packets. In this report we consider about manufacturing plant which is situated in upper Kotmale. Cargills Warehouse Cargills warehouse is the distribution center. It keeps the stock of milk packets and distributes one delivery per one week per each retail outlets. This is the largest warehouse in Sri Lanka. It handles over 50000 items. Cargills Food City The retailer of this retail supply chain is Cargills Food City. It is the most valuable retail brand in Sri Lanka. The largest retail chain consist the Cargills food cities all over the country. It has the motto â€Å"On your way home†. Mostly Cargills Food City focuses everyday busy customers. Cargills food city outlets have the mass customization strategy. There are around 232 outlets which a spreader in 23 districts. Millers The distribution and marketing operator of this retail supply chain is Millers. It is also a subsidiary company of Cargills Ceylon. â€Å"Millers† is the national distributor for all the Cargills manufactured and branded products. â€Å"Millers† links the raw material suppliers with manufacturing plant, manufacturing plant with warehouse and warehouse with Cargills food city outlets. †Millers† makes the Cargills retail supply chain unique by being the one and only distributor. Customer Customer may or may not be the final consumer. He is the person who purchases the product from retailer. In this supply chain, father who buys the Kotmale milk packet will be the customer. Retailer also is a customer of Cargills warehouse. Cargills warehouse is a customer of Cargills Quality Diaries and that manufacturing plant is a supplier of raw material suppliers. Customer buys these milk packets because of the influence of final consumer. Final Consumer Final consumer is the person who uses the products. In this supply chain, a small kid who drinks that milk packet will be the final consumer. ? Key Performance Measures Key Performance Indicators measures the organizational performance which is most critical for the success of the business. They should measure frequently. KPIs significantly affect the behavior of an organization. And also KPIs show the capabilities of managers, staff and the individuals. Let’s consider following framework to analyze the key performance of Cargills Food City retail supply chain. Business Strategy Supply chain strategy Supply chain objectives Operational Metrics Customer service Metrics Financial Metrics Current, Cargills use a competitive strategy of business strategy alignment in supply chain. It has aligned the supply chain strategy to the core business strategy. And Cargills has a strategy of lower retail price for customers. â€Å"On your way home† is the slogan of Cargills food city for everyday customers who live busy lives. Cargills Food city has a unique backward integration with suppliers. Operational metrics In operational metrics Cargills Food city, measures the internal performance of the supply chain and the business. Operational metrics are derived from processes, decisions and actions taken internally to meet or exceed the customer expectations. The goals of Cargills to measure operational metrics are waste reduction, inventory management, evaluate supplier performance, unit cost reduction and time compression. Interface: Cargills Food City Cargills has a Made to Stock order fulfillment strategy regarding Kotmale UHT milk packets. Cargiils food city keep a finished products inventory of Kotmale milk packets. So, it is vital to measure following key performance indicators under operational metrics. Invrntory turn over= (Cost of goods sold)/(Inventory investments) Inventory Holding days= 365/(Inventory turnover) Cargills food city has about 9. 125 inventory turnover value and the Inventory holding days is about 40 days. Interface: Cargills Warehouse/Cargills Food city interface Key performance indicator of this interface is stock holding day. Minimum stock holding days of Cargills warehouse is 15days. Interface: Suppliers Cargills retail supply chain regarding Kotmale has vertical integrated supply chain. Further it is a backward integration. In supplier interface, Cargills measures daily volume of collected milks from milk farmers in upper country. Present daily milk collection is about 60000-70000 liters. And also under waste reduction, Cargills measure KPIs regarding water consumption and energy consumption of manufacturing plant, Cargills Quality Dairies (pvt) Ltd. It measures in terms of cost per kilo. Interface: Distributor Rather than having third party distributor, Cargills retail supply chain has own distributor, Millers. In this interface, Cargills measure the delivery time of products and the transportation cost as key performance measures. Customer service metrics Customer service metrics are indications of a company’s ability to satisfy the needs of customers by meeting customer needs on timely basis and creating exceptional value to the customers. The ultimate output of this sector is satisfied customer. Through this performance measures, Cargills ensures about customer satisfaction, response time and delivery performance whether that the right product is available at right time in right place to the right customer. Cargills retail supply chain measures case fill rate, customer profitability, delivery time for customer and average response time. Interface: Cargills food city and manufacturing plant/customer interface In these interfaces, case fill rate is measured as a key performance indicator. Case fill rate=((No of cases customer received)/(No of cases in the customer order))*100 When consider about the responsive time, Cargills Food city has higher responsiveness. Another key performance indicator of Cargills Food city is time period of handling customer complaints. They handle those complaints within minimum time periods. They have a customer relation officer to handle those complaints within the premises. Cargills Food City measures four specific key performance measurements. They are customer retention, average purchase value, sales per square foot and sales increment. Customer retention rate gives the idea about customer loyalty towards the Cargills food city regarding product Kotmale Milk packet. And also it is a good indicator to evaluate the customer service level of the retail outlets. Customer Retention Rate=(((No of customers at the end of the period)-(No of new customers within that period))/((No of customers at the start of the period) ))*100 Besides customer retention rate, Cargills use Customer satisfaction metric to identify the customer perception towards the company. According to customer satisfaction rate, Cargills can decide whether the customers spread the good name or the bad name of the company. According to survey done by Cargills at the point of purchases, they have identified that a customer share the positive experience within Cargill outlets with another 2 or 3 people. But the negative experience is shared with the 8 to 10 people. So it is very important to measure this key performance indicator. The average purchase amount measures the value that gets per purchase order. Average purchase amount= (Total Revenue in a given period)/((No of purchase orders in that period)) Interface: Distribution- Millers When consider about product Kotmale UHT milk packets, Cargills supply chain has customers all over the country. They have divided country into regions and assign a day to deliver products. They have a schedule for it. That schedule goes with a route plan. In this interface Cargills’ key performance indicator is â€Å"Adherence to the route plan†. Millers do one delivery per one week per one branch with full loaded truck. Financial Metrics Financial metrics indicate whether the company’s strategy, implementation and execution are creating value for the shareholder by contributing bottom line improvements. Cargills measures the economic value as a key performance indicator. It describes about generation of wealth and the distribution within stakeholders. The direct economic value generated by Cargills group in 2013 is Rs. 10. 3 Bn. Besides that Cargills measure the return on assets, return on equity and profit margins to measure profitability of the business and the wealth generated from assets. Return On Assets=(Profit/(Total Assets))*100 Return On Equity=(Profit/(Shareholders equity))*100 Cargills measure PE ratio to identify the share value. PE Ratio= price/Earnings This PE ratio gives an image about the company portion towards the share. Higher PE ratio attracts more and more investors to the Cargills retail supply chain. Current PE ratio of the Cargills is about 50. SWOT Analysis and Recommendations SWOT analysis The competitive strategy of Cargills is business strategy alignment. Strengths Vertical integrated supply chain. The stakeholders of this supply chain, Cargills quality dairies (pvt) Ltd, Cargills warehouse and Cargills Food city are owned by one owner. That is Cargills Ceylon PLC. So it integrates supply chain partners properly. And also it reduces the transaction costs and uncertainty of the supply chain. Because of this vertical integrated supply chain, Cargills can keep a strong position in the market against international market partners. Low retail price for Kotmale UHT milk packets and high volume of sales. Cargills Food City’s slogan is â€Å"On your way home†. It mostly focuses the busy everyday consuming customers. Cargills Food city is the ease of one stop shop that gives the shopper convenience of purchasing groceries. So, customers attract to these retail outlets and buy more. Only one distributor along the whole retail supply chain. Cargills retail supply chain has only one distributor, Millers. So, the transportation cost is low. Has the largest retail outlets chain Most valuable retail brand in Sri Lanka This attracts more and more customers to the retail outlets. And Kotmale milk packet’s brand name also is more popular. Clear direction and coordination of top management It is strength of having a good coordination within supply chain. Coordination in collaborative manner improves the performance of supply chain. High technical advanced communication system Cargills has the largest IPVPN wide area network in Sri Lanka. It consist hundreds of router and network links. Through this communication tunnels, Cargills provide lot of value added services to the customers. Belongs the largest warehouse in the Sri Lanka Strong relationship with suppliers Direct link to milk farmers and rural areas Direct link with milk farmers improve the trust within suppliers and manufacturing plant. This trust is vital for long term success of the supply chain. Foe get quality raw milk, the trust is important. Long successful history Cargills retail supply chain has a long history. With an experience, they can clearly identify the obstacles in the supply chain and take action for them. Weaknesses Poor leadership in store level and operation level Storage issues at outlets, Cargills food cities Delay of payments for small scale milk suppliers Inadequate maintenance response time Manpower shortage Opportunities Capability of expanding supermarket chain After the war, market opportunities have been increased. Every successful business tends to start a business branch in Northern part of the country. So as a leading retail company, Cargills has a huge opportunity to start retail out lets and milk manufacturing plants in those areas. High demand for UHT milk packets. Rapid development in the supporting infrastructure and information technology in the world. Today the technology regarding supply chain increases without stopping. Adopting those technologies without delaying will be a competitive strategy for the retail supply chain. Adding more and more value added services Developing closer rural network and emerging markets to rural areas. Now the rural areas are also developing with high accessibility towards the market. There are better road network too. So, starting retail out lets in those areas will improve the quality of life of people and also will increase the market share. Highways. The development of road network reduces the transportation cost and travel time. Higher increase of population. The current trend of people is consuming products like Kotmale milk packets. Increase of population leads to increase of demand for these kinds of products. It is an opportunity for Cargills retail supply chain. Threats Force of competitors like keels super and Lak Sathosa. Keels super compete with Cargills Food city in terms of quality, price and customization. And also Lak Sathosa provides products at low prices. It attracts middle class and poor people highly because they concern about price rather than quality. Highly increasing inflation rate Pressure of international markets Recommendations for the improvement of supply chain The ultimate goal of any supply chain is satisfied customer. So it is important to keep existing customers while attracting new customers. When consider about profit, 80% of profits comes from the existing customers. So, Cargills should take action to retain the existing customers. For that except for having gift cards and senior citizens card systems, customer loyalty card system is highly recommended. Now, there is an increase of customer complaints towards the Cargills Food city. To handle those customer complaints efficiently and effectively, a better customer relationship management system is recommended. Cargills retail supply chain has the largest warehouse in the Sri Lanka. To improve the performance of this warehouse, RFID tracking system will be very useful. For better replenishment process, a good vendor management system is vital. For better coordination in collaborative manner within the retail supply chain of Cargills regarding Kotmale milk packets, starting a call center is vital. If Cargills can expand this retail supply chain out of the country, new markets can be achieved. Online shopping system which gives real time information will be a great an opportunity increase the market share. Today, customers’ lives are complex. They have busy schedules. So they like to do online shopping mostly. Rather than having supplier centered supply chain, it is good to have customer centered supply chain. Although it has a huge inventory in Cargills warehouse, it is a cost for the supply chain. It does not gain any revenue. So if the supply chain makes more visible to the supply chain partners, it will reduce the bullwhip effect while reducing inventory cost.

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Individual case study analysis(Money is not always the best reward ) Essay

Individual case study analysis(Money is not always the best reward ) - Essay Example The analyzed data has further been presented comprehensively to recommend strategies that would help in enhancing the performances of the employees. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Table of Contents 3 Introduction 4 Discussion 5 Key Issues identified in the case 5 Critically Analyzing and Evaluating the Case Issues 5 Conclusion and Recommendations 10 References 11 Bibliography 13 Introduction After being appointed as the CEO of a sporting and community club, Tim Johnson was bestowed with the responsibility of developing an innovative organizational structure as well as to implementing human resource systems for the effective performance of the club. During that period, the annual turnover of the club was more than $ 33 million with 75 employees which depicted the financial viability of the organization along with its size, augmenting the necessity to develop an organized and effective organizational structure. After his joining, Tim Johnson recognized that the management of the club was ineffective due to the lack of effective Human Resource (HR) as well as operational policies which is essential to yield superior performance from employees. Strategically, Tim Johnson conducted a survey on the employees and was able to identify that a lack of morale as well as motivation persisted within the workforce. Correspondingly, he formulated plans to develop and implement strategies such as position descriptions, systems related guidelines, job specifications as well as other HR and operational policies to be followed by the employees. Formal meetings were also organized with the motive of informing the employees about the change in the organizational structure. The HR and the operational policies were further intended to be legally enacted so as to ensure ethical viability within the reframed organizational process. One of the most significant changes brought by Tim Johnson in the philosophy of the restructured organizational process indicated an increased focus on improving the performance of the employees through empowerment rather than considering the monetary reward system. The discussion will thus emphasize on the identification as well as the analysis of various issues which have been identified in this case. The results of the analysis will further be used to recommend strategies which are required to mitigate the identified issues. Discussion Key Issues identified in the case In the referred case, the issues which were faced by the sporting and community club hampering the performance of the employees depicted that the club lacked effective leadership from the senior decision makers of the organization. Owing to the ineffective organizational structure and ill-organized process related policies, the organization had to face various problems related with lack of morale among the employees which further obstructed an enhanced performance from the human resources of the club. Lack of motivation to work in accordance with the standards specified by the management for the effective achievements of the goals was also observed as a restriction to the enhanced performance of the club. The club did not have Human Resource Management (HRM) for effective HR as well as operational polic